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Markets We Serve: Healthcare Providers
Markets We Serve: Healthcare Providers
      Healthcare Providers


Network Sciences provides software solutions and services proven to:
  1. Reduce uncompensated care.
  2. Every hospital wants to reduce its uncompensated care.  Some hospitals turn to eligibility vendors, some hire full-time caseworkers, and some use a combination of both. Regardless of your approach, our software solutions and services can complement and improve on your existing reimbursement recovery efforts.
  1. Improve Access to Care.
  2. Connecting the uninsured to a medical home significantly reduces inappropriate and expensive emergency room usage for primary care.  
  1. Manage hospital charity-care programs.
  2. Medicaider™ assures that you are the “payer of last resort” in all cases, preventing you from enrolling someone that could be covered by another payment source. Further, CHASSIS Software can improve the efficiency of your certification caseworkers by making your entire application and enrollment process paperless.  
  1. Measure the effectiveness of eligibility vendors more easily yet more accurately.
  2. Make key business decisions and evaluations by utilizing robust and “real-time” reporting and analysis. In addition, save significantly on commissions currently paid to eligibility vendors.
  1. Enable Patient Financial Services to work more cases and successfully enroll a higher percentage of uninsured patients into payment programs.
  2. Medicaider™ and CHASSIS Software™ have innovative functions proven to make staff more efficient and successful at follow-up efforts.
Contact us to learn how our software and services can work in your environment.

Clinics and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC)

The health clinic environment is a hectic one, with very little time or few resources available to spend working with uninsured patients to accurately qualify them for any one of the numerous, constantly changing public healthcare and safety-net programs. As a result, many patients that are eligible for Medicaid, CHIP, or other payment programs are instead enrolled into the clinic’s own program or needlessly become uncompensated care. 

Medicaider™ is fast and easy-to-use so many clinics have already integrated it with their existing patient registration process.

The average Medicaider™ interview takes about 3 minutes and:
  • Tests someone’s eligibility for all applicable state, federal and local healthcare programs;
  • Assures you don’t enroll someone in your program who is eligible for another payment source;
  • Matches eligible applicants with the best available program; and
  • Auto-fills application forms, including CHIP, Medicaid and other programs.
Not only does Medicaider™ tell you and your patients the programs they qualify for, the system also generates clearly written step-by-step instructions for the patients to take with them so that they know exactly what to do to get enrolled. How accurate is Medicaider™? Currently an average of less than 2% of Medicaider™ referred applicants are denied enrollment for cause.

Medicaider™ has proven effective for clinics and FQHCs:
  • One network of provider clinics shifted 40% of their charity care cases to other payment programs in a single year
  • Another network saved 80% on their drug costs in only one year.
  • One group of clinics generated more than $6 million in new revenues from just one year of using Medicaider.™
For more information about how you can join the expanding network of clinics and FQHCs using Medicaider™, please contact us.

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